Ugurcans' Experience

Study location: Berlin
Course: Standard Course - Duration: 24 weeks
Accommodation: Host Family
Country of Origin: Turkey


Why do you want to learn German?
I want to learn German because the German language is very important for my profession.

Why did you choose did deutsch-institut?
I decided on DID because I had spent three months there previously and those three months were really awesome.

Why did you choose Berlin?
Berlin is the capital of Germany, so I can find everything here I need. Berlin is certainly not a boring city.

What do you especially like about Berlin?
I like the active life in Berlin.

What’s your favorite place to visit after class?
First I go home and then I always go to basketball practice. My favorite places are the bars at Alexanderplatz.

What are your personal recommendations for...

... shopping?
Expensive, but you can find everything you might want to buy

... bars, cafés and restaurants?
Traditional bars are cool. Cafés are also wonderful. Restaurants are not bad.

... the evenings?
Evenings are not boring in Berlin if you are a social kind of person.

...leisure time activities?
Go to a restaurant or a pub. Both activities are nice in Berlin.

What is a must-do in Berlin?
First you have to go to the museum and then party!

Which meal /drink is not to be missed in Berlin?
Egg liquor (similar to egg nog) and schnapps

Which sights are a must in Berlin?
The Brandenburg Gate!

Which souvenir are you taking home?
A unique beer glass.

What was your best experience in Germany?
I am a professional basketball player. There are nothing but good experiences as a member of a team in Germany.

What is typically German?
Rules, punctuality and politeness.

What’s your favorite German word?
Ja voll, Genau (right), Ja ,ja, „Ach Quatsch!“ (oh, nonsense), Mensch (oh, man!), Mann ey (oh, man), Alter (dude), „Geh doch nach Hause“ (go home)

Your summary of your stay in Germany:
I really liked my time here in Berlin and at did and I would recommend it to anyone!