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DID Berlin Upgrade!

Our upgraded Berlin school provides a modern, state of the art learning environment.

Our refurbishment project in Berlin is finished! We are happy to welcome students to our redesigned school, including more lights in classrooms and the use of modern and sustainable materials.

All classrooms have been redesigned from scratch:
• new carpets have been choosen to improve the classroom sound
• walls have been changed into glass walls to provide more natural light into classrooms
• all desks have been upgraded with design furniture by HOWE
• students have their own desks now, in times of COVID-19 essential to keep the distance rules

We have choosen a new floor design for all social areas and crated a new welcome area and cafeteria for our students, where student shave easier access to our staff members.

All classrooms will be upgraded with interactive smartboards within the next few weeks and provide digital learning environment for our studuents.

New Photomaterial is available here: FLICKR ALBUM

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